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Monday, March 24, 2008

early Terminator article

Here's an article on "The Terminator" from 1984. It's probably one of the earliest bits of major publicity that the Terminator series, James Cameron, and Arnold Schwarzenegger ever got.

Star Trek: The Next Generation first look

Here's the first look at the actors of Star Trek: The Next Generation, taken from a 1987 issue of Starlog. It's fun to look back at a time when these actors and actresses were, for the most part, unknowns.

Spider-Man's wedding

Apparently, Marvel celebrated the marriage of Spider-Man (aka Peter Parker) and Mary Jane Watson in style back in 1987.

Snow White's 50th anniversary

Here's an article that celebrated the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney's first feature film, "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs".

Censorship of "Who Framed Roger Rabbit"

Here's an article on deleted scenes from "Who Framed Roger Rabbit"

Jim Henson on "The Muppets take Manhattan"

The Muppet Master himself, Jim Henson, discusses "The Muppets take Manhattan".

Frank Oz on "The Muppets take Manhattan"

Frank Oz discusses "The Muppets take Manhattan". 'Nuff said.

Martin Short on "Innerspace"

Here's an interview with the well-known comic actor Martin Short, in which he discusses his roles as Jack Putter in Joe Dante's vastly underrated film "Innerspace".

Zach Galligan on "Gremlins"

Here's an interview with actor Zach Galligan, in which he discusses his role as Billy Peltzer in "Gremlins".

Gremlins review

Here's a very interesting review of "Gremlins"

Phoebe Cates on "Gremlins"

Here's an interview with actress Phoebe Cates, in which she discusses her role as Kate Beringer in "Gremlins".

Joe Dante and Mike Finnell on "Gremlins"

Here's an article inwhich director Joe Dante and producer Mike Finnell discuss their 1984 blockbuster "Gremlins".

Hoyt Axton on "Gremlins"

Here's an interview with actor and musican Hoyt Axton, inwhich he discusses his role as Rand Peltzer in "Gremlins".

Edward Andrews on "Gremlins', 'Twilight Zone', and "Sixteen Candles"

Here's an interview with veteran character actor Edward Andrews, inwhich discusses his roles as the bank owner in "Gremlins", Grandpa Howard in "Sixteen Candles", and various roles in 'The Twilight Zone', among other things.

Chris Columbus on "Gremlins"

Here's an interview with famed filmmaker Chris Columbus ("Home Alone", the Harry Potter series), inwhich he discusses his first filmatic creation, "Gremlins".