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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Back to the Bakshi

Here some articles on maverick animation director Ralph Bakshi (Fritz the Cat, Coonskin a.k.a. Streetfight, Wizards, the original film version of Lord of the Rings, "Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures", and Cool World), in honor of his new book "Unfiltered: The Complete Ralph Bakshi" (I'll share a few tantilizing images from that book in a future post). Btw, Ralph will be at the New York Comicon on Friday, April 18 (go to nycomiccon.com for more info).

Here's an indepth interview with Bakshi from a 2005 issue of Film Fanaddict:

Here's an interview with Bakshi from a 1988 issue of Animato in which he discusses Tattertown (which never became a series, only a christmas special was ever made), the second season of Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures, and some other things:

Here's an article from Animation Magazine, also from 1988, which discusses Tattertown:

Here's some production drawing of Bakshi's animated shorts for Cartoon Network, from a 1994 issue of Animato (this issue also had interview with Bakshi, which was reprinted in the book Escape):

Here's a Comics Scene article on Bakshi's unsuccessful (and troubled in production) 1992 film "Cool World", which starred Brad Pitt, Kim Basinger and Gabriel Byrne.