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Friday, February 18, 2011

Understanding Video Games post 2: What is a game?

For my second blog post for the Understanding Video Games class, I have been asked the quesyion "what is a game?" Finding out the answer is very easy, yet also very difficult at the same time, if that makes any sense. It's easy to provide aliteral definition of a game (which is a pleasurable activity that involves some sorts of rules), but you also wonder if there can be a deeper, more psychological or even philosophical meaning to the word. Perhaps for some, a game represents a challenge or an obstacle to overcome, or simply something that, if achived, can result in great satisfaction. Perhaps that's why we hear of the "game of life". Like any good game, your life is filled with many conflicts and hurdles, but if you can manage to overcome them, you may feel exceptionally good about yourself and your abilities.

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Anonymous said...

Intriguing observations, though the danger of solipsism lurks as both an advantage and weakness. Yes, yes we are all alone. That is given. What is needed is for you to continue in the game world, but at the same time advance to a higher "level". There are many avenues - for the era now approaches when the distinction between the institutions of law, education, society itself, and their cyber counterparts blurs. Who will be among those revolutionaries ready to make the leap? To do so, other works must be consulted, read, understood - Plato, Le Bon, William Gibson... even Arthur Conan Doyle. And this level, initially, is entirely scriptural. Like the old time radio of years ago, it is your mind that must be trained to make the pictures, rather than having them conveniently provided. If reading is not your thing, try audio books. Another realm awaits.